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Local, Engaged and Responsive GBV Network

Improved Mitigation of GBV Harms

(Tertiary Prevention)

Evidence-informed Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) interventions

The GHJRU-led research that was conducted collaboratively with implementing partners and GBV Forum members has strategically informed mitigation of harm interventions and strengthened referral systems and processes. CCI provides technical assistance, support and capacity building sessions that support the implementation of interventions. Stemming from this are strengthened referral protocols with focused and technical training for improved community-led service delivery.

Key Activities

  1. Continuous mapping and evaluation of  services and resources for victims of GBV
  2. Identify barriers to accessing services and mitigate service provision gaps
  3. Facilitate a coordinated and comprehensive referral system, with linkage to GBV services
  4. Improved integration of clinical, social and legal support, including PEP and psychosocial support.